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Glen R. Luepnitz, Ph.D.

Glen completed his undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Education. He holds a lifetime teachers certificate for Secondary Science Education. After he completed his undergraduate degrees, he continued his education on the job with research positions within the fields of Immunology & Virology. He completed his doctorate in Nutritional Counseling.

During his years as a researcher, he was part of a team that patented four viral vaccines and one bacterial vaccine. This culminated the production of the world's first Canine Parvo vaccine in 1982. Prior research interests were in Feline Leukemia, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Corona, CMV, Rabies, Infectious Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Leptospira, and Rhiono Encephalltis. His current research has been in the areas of adjuvant treatments in cancer, developmental delay disorders, performance sports medicine and anti-aging medicine. He currently works with numerous elite athletes on performance related nutritional therapies. These athletes span the spectrum from recreational to professional and include: triathletes, marathoners, cyclists, football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and members of the US Olympic Men's and Women's Swim Team. He was a member of the support staff for the 2000 Sydney Olympics and accompanied the team as their nutritional consultant.

He is a past or current member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, international Society of Orthomolecular Medicine, Physicians Nutrition Network, American Preventive Medicine Association, Professional Section of the American Diabetes Association, and the Vision through Nutrition Board of Directors.

Glen lives in the Austin, Texas area where he currently works as a solo practitioner. His practice specializes in patient advocacy, nutriceutical product development, the biochemical impact on health, and nutritional oncology.


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